Backdoor Attacks

Backdoor Attacks

January 27, 6:00pm — 8:00pm
Virtual Event

Learn how to execute and defend against backdoor attacks in this advanced virtual workshop for high school/CTE educators!


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January 27, 6:00pm — 8:00pm


Available online only.
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This 120-minute virtual, fast paced workshop will explore how backdoors, trojans, and RATs (remote access trojans) work from hacker and victim’s point of view. Attendees will create their own trojan with a backdoor payload, open a backdoor session on another machine, explore all the backdoor options, and turn the backdoor into a RAT. Participants will also learn how to defend against backdoors and RATs and learn how to remove them from a system.

The following Labs are covered in this workshop:

  • Backdoor Lab
  • Backdoor Removal Lab
  • Backdoor Shortcut Lab
  • Keylogger Application Lab
  • Privilege Escalation Lab
  • Pass the Hash Lab
  • RAT/Bot Lab
  • RAT Removal Lab

Prerequisites: This will be a fast-paced, high-level workshop. We recommend attendees have experience in CYBER.ORG Cybersecurity workshops or previous Linux experience before attending this workshop. Due to grant funding restrictions, this workshop is only open to K-12 educators in the US.

Participants will receive access to online curriculum materials as well as a temporary log-in to the U.S. Cyber Range. We recommend having two screens available if possible: one for the Zoom meeting (this can be a tablet) and one for the cyber range (must be a desktop or laptop).