Backdoor/RAT Workshop for Cyber Educators

Backdoor/RAT Workshop for Cyber Educators

October 22 — 27
Virtual Event

Free professional development workshop for high school teachers

Cybersecurity Workshop

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October 22 — 27, 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Available online only.
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This 2-day online workshop will explore how backdoors, trojans, and RATs (remote access trojans) work from hacker and victim’s point of view. Attendees will create their own trojan with a backdoor payload, open a backdoor session on another machine, explore all the backdoor options, and turn the backdoor into a RAT. Participants will also learn how to defend against backdoors and RATs and learn how to remove them from a system.

Please note that this workshop comprises two sessions on two different days:

  • Part 1: Thursday, October 22 (7 - 9 pm Central)
  • Part 2: Tuesday, October 27 (7 - 9 pm Central)

The following Labs are covered in this workshop:

  • Backdoor/Trojan 1 Lab
  • Backdoor/Trojan 2 Lab
  • Keylogger 2 Lab
  • Privilege Escalation Lab
  • Pass the Hash Lab
  • RAT Lab
  • Backdoor Removal Lab
  • RAT Removal Lab

This workshop will be led by subject matter experts from the CYBER.ORG. Zoom links will be emailed before the webinar begins.

Participants will receive access to online curriculum materials as well as a temporary log-in to the U.S. Cyber Range. Due to grant funding restrictions, this workshop is only open to K-12 educators in the U.S.

Pre-requisites: If you do not already have a U.S. Cyber Range account, please plan to attend a 30-minute "set-up" session on either October 1st at 8 pm Central or sometime between 11 am and 2 pm Central on October 2nd.