Intro to a Cyber Range/Cybersecurity

Intro to a Cyber Range/Cybersecurity

May 24, 6:30pm — 8:00pm
Virtual Event

Learn to use a Cyber Range in your classroom in this free virtual workshop for high school/CTE educators!


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May 24, 6:30pm — 8:00pm


Available online only.
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This 90-minute virtual workshop serves as an introduction to CYBER.ORG's Cybersecurity course and how to use a cyber range for educators preparing to teach Cybersecurity. This workshop will not only prepare teachers to understand how they can use the curricula and a range in their classrooms, but also prepares teachers for CYBER.ORG's future workshops, including the Cybersecurity Bootcamps.

Topics covered include the following:


  • Intro to a Cyber Range
  • Intro to CYBER.ORG's Cybersecurity course
  • Credential Harvesting Lab

This workshop will be led by subject matter experts from the CYBER.ORG. Zoom links will be emailed before the webinar begins.

Prerequisites & Participant Requirements: Due to grant funding restrictions, this workshop is only open to K-12 educators in the US. No prior knowledge of cybersecurity is required.

Participants will receive access to online curriculum materials as well as a temporary log-in to the U.S. Cyber Range. We recommend having two screens available if possible: one for the Zoom meeting (this can be a tablet or a desktop/laptop) and one for the cyber range (must be a desktop or laptop).


*Please note all times are CST*