MNCodes May Computer Science Workshops

MNCodes May Computer Science Workshops

May 15, 9:00am — 11:30am
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CYBER.ORG will be leading a session at the MNCodes May Computer Science Workshops.

Cyber Education

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Hosted by
Code Savvy & CSTA Minnesota


May 15, 9:00am — 11:30am


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Join us in a hands-on workshop in the US Cyber Range using CYBER.ORG’s cybersecurity content. No matter what your experience level, learn how you can introduce your students to cybersecurity. In a cyber range, students are in a safe/sandboxed environment where they can test and apply cybersecurity skills. You will receive access to CYBER.ORG's free curriculum library and one month of access to the US Cyber Range.

Presenters: Joe MacAdam and Jonathan Bartles (@cyber_dot_org)

**PLEASE NOTE: workshop tickets close Wed 5/12 at 11:59 PM in order to register participants for access

More About This Event:

Code Savvy and CSTA MN are proud to partner to offer a morning of workshops centered around a variety of computer science education topics.

This event will feature 6 different workshops to choose from, or you can buy an all-access pass in order to have access to recordings from all the workshops. Each workshop is a deep dive into a CS education topic and lasts the full 2.5 hours. Workshops run from 9:00am - 11:30am, please choose the workshop you want to attend. You can purchase an All-Access Pass to gain access to recordings from all the workshops.

CSTA MN Members qualify for a free ticket to 1 workshop! Current and new CSTA MN members will receive information via e-mail on how to claim your free ticket.

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Participants will be able to choose from the following workshops (please choose only 1):

  • Introduction to Computer Science Workshop

Are you new to teaching Computer Science? This workshop is for you! Come get an introduction to how computer science can transform your teaching and build crucial thinking and problem solving skills for students. We will explore a popular online platforms, as well as "Unplugged Activities" which are activities designed to explore computer science skills without any devices.

Presenter: Carla Neely (@cjbj9612), Eileen King (@eyeleanking)


  • CS Content Integration

In this workshop we will explore models, tools, and strategies to integrate computer science into other content areas. Instead of viewing computer science as "one more thing" you have to fit in to an already busy day, let's use computer science as a tool to allow students to explore content in ways not possible before. You will walk away with strategies and resources you need for planning, as well as have a chance to collaboratively create a start to your own computer science integration project.

Presenter: Tom Cozzolino, Code Savvy(@MrC_SPPS)


  • Strategies for Effective and Inclusive CS Teaching

Join us to explore, practice and discuss equitable teaching practices in computer science. Our interactive session will explore identity, unconscious bias, underrepresentation, social justice, and advocacy for CS education. This session will help prepare you to reflect, plan and act in order to expand effective and inclusive CS teaching.

Presenters: Andrea Wilson Vazquez, Code Savvy (@wilsandrea); Vanessa Jones, Austin ISD and Facilitator (@vkajones)


  • Introducing Python to your Students with PopFizz

Python is a great language to introduce to your students as their first programming language. If you are looking to go beyond block codes, or want your students to learn Python, this is the session for you. Find out how to ease your students into a fully text-based programming environment and how to introduce the basic Python programming concepts. Learn more about PopFizz on their website or Twitter

Presenter: Jane Lee, CEO and Founder of PopFizz (@JanePopFizz)


  • Teaching CS with Mobile CSP and CSAwesome with National Center for Computer Science Education

The National Center for Computer Science Education provides support in creating equitable CS education opportunities to K16 educators and students through programs such as Mobile CSP and CSAwesome. Mobile CSP and CSAwesome are College Board endorsed and aim to provide students with an introduction to Computer Science through mobile app development and Java programming. See workshop details here.

Presenter: Pauline Lake, NCCSE


  • All-Access Pass

Gain access to recordings for all workshop sessions. You will receive an email with links and passwords to view recordings of all the workshops from the event.