Shopping Online?

Shopping Online?


Stay safe with these helpful tips!

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The Holidays are here and shopping online for the perfect gift is the new normal. We know that phishing scams are all around, but what else can we do to stay safe while we shop online?

Don’t use public wi-fi to order that perfect gift, instead use your cellular data or wait until you get home to use your home wi-fi. If you do use public wi-fi, make sure to no use any important accounts such as your bank account.

Know how much that perfect gift is actually worth. Too many times we find that perfect gift, but it’s really expensive and we think we can find a better deal. Do the research on that perfect gift, you might find an amazing deal! Be wary of deals that are too good though, you might get something that doesn’t quite match the description or you might pay and never get the item.

Another thing to be conscious of is your accounts, watch your bank statements to make sure all the purchases are ones that you made. Flag and report anything that looks suspicious and call the bank/credit card company immediately when you notice something is off.

A few additional tips to keep in mind while shopping online:

  • Don’t share any extra information with anyone
  • Activate and use multifactor authentication when available
  • Keep all your devices up to date
  • Watch out for phishing scams

You can read more about phishing scams in our last blog Phishing in Plain Sight.

Remember to use these tips while shopping online this holiday season, and throughout the year to stay cyber safe.

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