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Past PD Recordings

Couldn't make a professional development session or curious as to what CYBER.ORG courses and activities look like? Pick from our curated list of recent professional development sessions.

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Cybersecurity Professional Development
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Enjoy some virtual professional development and lab demonstrations from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose to watch! The CYBER.ORG team has curated some professional development sessions and lab run-throughs we think you'll enjoy. 

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Bringing Cybersecurity to the Middle School Classroom
Join Charlene and Linda from CYBER.ORG's curriculum team as they go over some new lessons in our Cybersecurity Basics course and how you can implement them into the Middle School Classroom.
Bringing Cybersecurity to an Elementary Classroom
Join Charlene and Linda from CYBER.ORG as they walk through some lessons from our brand new Cybersecurity Basics course for elementary classrooms.
Credential Harvesting Lab Run Through
Join Joe, Bartles, and David from CYBER.ORG as they run through the credential harvesting lab from our Cybersecurity course. Joe utilizes the CYBER.ORG Range ( to perform a simple attack on his colleagues machines.
Passwords and Cracking Passwords Professional Development
Join Bartles and Willie as they walk through a few labs about passwords and cracking passwords from the CYBER.ORG high school Cybersecurity Course!
Malicious Links and Untrusted Sources
Join Bartles, Willie, Adam, and Brandon from the CYBER.ORG team as they run through a few labs about malicious links and untrusted sources from the Cybersecurity Course.