Empowering Educators to Teach Cyber

Empowering Educators to Teach Cyber

CYBER.ORG believes K-12 cyber education is the key to solving the cyber workforce shortage.

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Why We Exist
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CYBER.ORG empowers educators to teach cyber confidently, resulting in students with the skills and passion needed to succeed in the cyber workforce.

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Provide Cyber Education Resources 

The most effective way to support teachers is through curricula, training, and resources. 

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Build Education Pipeline 

By supporting K-12, we can build a steady stream of students prepared to enter cybersecurity programs and jobs. 

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Solve Cyber Workforce Shortage 

Currently, the demand for cybersecurity talent is outpacing the supply. By 2022, 1.8 million cyber jobs are projected to be unfilled.* 

Professional Development

Student learning begins with teacher training. We lead hands-on professional development workshops to build teacher skills and confidence in cybersecurity content.  

Inquire  about a  workshop at your school  

Work with us to design professional development that addresses your school or district’s unique needs. 

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Career Exploration

Cybersecurity employers need talent from many different disciplines.   

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Camps and Competitions

Clubs and camps build soft skills like teamwork and communication alongside hands-on experiences. 

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Cyber Career Profiles 

Learn about required degrees, salary, and the daily tasks of cyber employees.

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Degrees and Certifications 

Earning accreditations for your future cyber career can begin as early as middle or high school.