Cyber Crime Investigator

Cyber Crime Investigator

Cyber Crime Investigator 4x3

Degree Required:

Degree Required
Degree Not Required

Job Growth:

Job Growth

Median Salary Range:

Median Salary Range

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills
Curiosity & Persistence
Strong Communication
Information Use
Critical Thinking

Common Job Duties

  • Find and navigate the dark web
  • Process crime scenes
  • Conduct interviews of victims, witnesses, and/or suspects
  • Examine recovered data for information
  • Fuse computer network attack analyses with criminal and counterintelligence investigations and operations
  • Determine whether a security incident is indicative of a violation of law that requires specific legal action
  • Identify elements of proof of the crime
  • Identify, collect, and seize documentary or physical evidence, to include digital media and logs associated with cyber intrusion incidents, investigations, and operations
  • Provide criminal investigative support to trial counsel during the judicial process
  • Prepare reports to document the investigation