Software Developer

Software Developer

Software Developer 4x3

Degree Required:

Degree Required
Associate's Degree Required

Job Growth:

Job Growth

Median Salary Range:

Median Salary Range

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills
Good Communicator
Able to Work on a Team
Meet Deadlines

Common Job Duties:

  • Develops, creates, maintains, and write/code computer applications, software, or utility programs
  • Design, implement, and test software
  • Assist in the development of a company-wide software security strategy
  • Facilitate meetings and workshops to define client processes and needs
  • Create new software systems or forensic tools
  • Participate in the life-cycle development of software systems using different methodologies
  • Design and build proof-of-concept prototype solutions
  • Institute programming techniques that are free from logical design and technical implementation flaws
  • Gain a thorough knowledge of attack vectors that may be used to exploit software
  • Support software deployments to customers