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Investing in and shaping K-12 for a stronger future. 

Corporate partners are important in bringing our mission to life and guiding the development of K-12 initiatives that effectively serve the needs of the workforce. 

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Palo Alto Networks  

Palo Alto Networks and CYBER.ORG partner to expand access of cybersecurity professional development and classroom resources. Palo Alto's K-12 programs include their Cybersecurity Academy and Cyber A.C.E.S. (Activities in Cybersecurity Education for Students). Palo Alto's Cybersecurity Academy offers free resources to K-12 educators looking for support in implementing cybersecurity.


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Girl Scouts USA

CYBER.ORG helped to develop the first Girl Scouts Cybersecurity Badge, released in 2019. 

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Parallax, Inc.

Parallax supplies robotic platforms and hardware crucial to hands-on cybersecurity projects and offers professional development workshops on how to implement them. Additionally, they provide educator resources and tutorials for teachers using their equipment.

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CS for Success

CS for Success is a consultation service that further enables high school students to participate in equitable, inclusive, high-quality computer science experiences. CYBER.ORG is listed is one of their preferred Resource Provider.