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Laurie Prop
Laurie Salvail
Executive Director of CYBER.ORG
Laurie leads the CYBER.ORG team as they seek to bring cyber education to K-12 teachers. She has over 12 years classroom experience and is currently working on her PhD in curriculum and instruction at Louisiana State University. She is passionate about implementing innovative research-based strategies to impact education across the country.
Georgette Prop
Georgette Price
Director of Academic Outreach
Georgette’s role is to manage our outreach, initiatives, and evaluation efforts. Georgette enjoys connecting with new people and increasing our opportunities to collaborate with our community, locally and nationally. She loves playing Rock Band with her family, watching British crime dramas, and anything Nightmare Before Christmas!
David Prop
David Awalt 
Director of Marketing
David  manages the creation of graphics and communications  for CYBER.ORG. With a background in illustration and design, David makes sure that CYBER.ORG looks good. When he’s not working, he plays in a heavy metal band and loves on his two dogs, Rascal and Lily.
Joe Prop
Joe  MacAdam 
Director of Cybersecurity Content
Joe caught the cyber education bug after recognizing the need for cybersecurity content in his math classroom and implemented robotics to fill the gap. Joe is a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan and loves spending time outside with his family. 
Corisma Prop
Corisma Akins
Cyber Education Specialist
Corisma works to ensure all students have equal access to cybersecurity education. She came to CYBER.ORG from an HBCU and brings a passion that will lead to better representation and increased diversity in the field of cybersecurity. In her off time she loves spending time with her family, preferably at the beach and either playing board games or watching their favorite Disney movie.
Bartles Prop
Jonathan Bartles
Curriculum Development Specialist
Bartles joined the CYBER.ORG team to help develop high school certification courses and resources to support those courses. He claims to have figured out the secret to settling the mystical island of Catan but that hasn’t been confirmed. He also likes coffee, building PCs, woodworking, and sports.
Dr. Laura
Dr. Laura Bostick
Cyber Education Specialist
Laura works on CYBER.ORG's Project ACCESS initiative, providing accessible cyber education opportunities for students with disabilities. Before her career as an educator, she spent over 17 years as a biomedical engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center. She loves reading, crafting, everything about animals, leopard print, and chocolate.
Charlene Prop
Charlene Cooper
Curriculum Development Specialist
Charlene brings over 20 years of educational experience as a former classroom teacher and instructional coach. She finds special meaning in fostering learning opportunities for students by supporting their teachers. Her favorites are coffee, family time and playing with their rescue dog, Scooby.
Jesh Prop
Josh Coriell
Curriculum Development Specialist 
Josh has played a major role in the development of CYBER.ORG's mathematics curriculum, along with various projects in STEM EDA and Cyber Fundamentals. Josh enjoys traveling across the US to  teach teachers how to program.  He's an avid traveler and taco-eater.  
Chuck Prop
Dr. Chuck Gardner 
Sr. Director of Government and Non-Profit Engagement, Cyber Innovation Center
Chuck connects with state educational representatives on standards development and implements new, innovative projects for the Cyber Innovation Center.
Willie Prop
Willie Henderson
Cyber Education Specialist
Willie heads up the HBCU feeder program, helping ensure all students have access to cybersecurity education. Willie has spent his career in the school system, both as a classroom Science educator and in the administration side. Willie enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his Doberman Pincher, Duke, and watching the Buffalo Bills play football.
Matt Prop
Matt Kinmon 
Resource Development Specialist
Matt is the brains behind CYBER.ORG's 3-D printing projects, Capture-the-Flag competitions, and anything else we need doing. He loves tinkering, coding puzzles, and finding ways to make cyber education more accessible and fun for students.
Linda Morgan
Linda Morgan
Curriculum Development Specialist
Linda brings more than 14 years of classroom experience to the CYBER.ORG team. She’s also very familiar with being voluntold to teach a subject she wasn’t initially familiar with and is passionate about helping teachers start their CS journey successfully. When she’s not collaborating with the rest of the team she’s chilling with her family and secretly spoiling her lovable mutt.
Kevin fun pic
Kevin Nolten
Vice President, Cyber Innovation Center
Kevin Nolten serves as the Cyber Innovation Center’s Vice President and has over 15 years in non-profit management experience.
Brittany Prop
Brittany Pike
Curriculum Development Specialist
With more than 10 years in the classroom teaching 2nd and 3rd grade, K-5 Technology Enrichment, and English classes abroad, Brittany enjoys introducing teachers and students to programming. She also loves traveling and exploring how people around the world teach and learn.
Victoria Price
Graphics and Communications Specialist
Victoria handles CYBER.ORG's social media channels and any other things that come up our team needs to be successful. In her free time she likes exercising, baking, gardening and watching movies with her husband.
Queen Prop
John Queen 
User Engagement Specialist 
The resident humanities and history buff, John has a passion for education and presenting STEM subjects through the lens of their historical and societal implications. John stays busy supporting CYBER.ORG educators from behind the scenes, during workshops, and online. He loves a good fantasy book.
Anthony Quiroz
Cyber Accessibility Specialist
Anthony helps us further develop curriculum by translating it and creating content in Spanish. Translating any marketing, education, graphics, and CYBER.ORG content when needed. When he’s not working, he’s making music, gaming, watching shows or movies, or just being Anthony…
Brandon Salley
Curriculum Development Specialist
With a background in Biology and Chemistry, Brandon has always had a passion for educating people of all ages in the STEM fields. Regardless of the subject, he strives to make learning engaging and fun and continues to do so for Cyber.org. When he is not referencing a hit TV show or movie, he is honing his chemistry skills.
Taylor Prop
Taylor Smith
Administrative Assistant
Taylor's job is keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes so our team can focus on creating excellent content for teachers and students. She spent her college years singing in choir and traveling the world. Like most of her generation, her life revolves around her dog, her plants, and her beloved Taylor Swift. Her happy place is curled up with coffee and a good book.
Jessica Prop
Jessica Stern
Project Administrator
Jessica oversees CYBER.ORG projects and helps us to keep all of our ducks in a row. She is queen of gifs and keeps the CYBER.ORG team laughing through thick and thin. Need a true crime documentary recommendation? Jessica's got you covered.
Adam Toepfer
Curriculum Development Specialist
With 6 years of teaching English classes abroad and 7-12 grade technology classes, Adam has lots to bring to CYBER.ORG. When he isn't creating with the team he like to work on cars, electronics, watch anime with his wife, and travel.
Ben Prop
Benjamin Williamson 
Research and Evaluation Specialist 
With a background in sociology and STEM education programs, Benjamin brings a creative perspective to CYBER.ORG’s elementary and middle school curriculum. Benjamin is active in community theatre and is always busy writing, filming, creating, and learning. 

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Open Jobs

CYBER.ORG, the academic initiative of The Cyber Innovation Center, is a cybersecurity workforce development organization that targets K-12 students with cyber career awareness through curricular resources and professional development for teachers. CYBER.ORG supports national security by building and sustaining a pipeline of students who are prepared to pursue cybersecurity careers. CYBER.ORG has a footprint in all 50 states and four territories. We are looking for dedicated, creative, and highly motivated individuals to join our team. We offer tremendous opportunities in developing professionals for growth and advancement in cyber education.

CYBER.ORG Range Specialist


The CYBER.ORG Range Specialist will report to the Director of Cybersecurity Content and will assist with developing relationships with schools and educators using the CYBER.ORG Range as well as managing user access. Our ideal candidate has experience teaching or supporting a classroom environment and knowledge of cybersecurity. 


High School Cybersecurity Specialist


The Curriculum Development Specialist will report to the Director of Curriculum and will assist with developing classroom curriculum and student-facing activities focused on cybersecurity in grades 9 - 12. Our ideal candidate has experience teaching and/or developing classroom content around cybersecurity or technology.