Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect

Degree Required:

Degree Required
Certification Required
Degree Not Required

Job Growth:

Job Growth

Median Salary Range:

Median Salary Range

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills
Critical Thinking
Able to Collaborate
Adaptability / Versatility

Common Job Duties:

  • Collaborate with other engineers to create plans for implementing new computer network technologies
  • Design the computer system or network, creating a blueprint and carefully detailing all aspects of its design
  • Oversee construction of cloud infrastructures and other applications
  • Perform daily tests to gauge the effectiveness of the computer system, identify areas in need of improvement and issues that slow the system down and make recommendations for upgrades
  • Perform research on new technologies as they are developed to determine if they would be beneficial to the current systems
  • Present recommendations for system upgrades, new strategies and new technologies to executive level colleagues
  • Implement information security principals when creating and designing information systems in order to keep all classified and sensitive information secure