Cyber Forensics Expert

Cyber Forensics Expert

Cyber Forensics Expert 4x3

Degree Required:

Degree Required
Bachelor's Degree Required

Job Growth:

Job Growth

Median Salary Range:

Median Salary Range

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills
Curiosity & Insight
Strong Communication
Ability to Write Reports & Explain Evidence, Potentially in Front of Lawyers & Judges

Common Job Duties:

  • Conduct data breach and security incident investigations
  • Recover and examine data from computers and electronic storage devices
  • Dismantle and rebuild damaged systems to retrieve lost data
  • Identify additional systems/networks compromised by cyber attacks
  • Compile evidence for legal cases
  • Draft technical reports, write declarations and prepare evidence for trial
  • Give expert counsel to attorneys about electronic evidence in a case
  • Advise law enforcement on the credibility of acquired data
  • Train law enforcement officers on computer evidence procedures
  • Keep abreast of emerging technologies, software and methodologies