Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

Vulnerability Assessment Analyst

Vulnerability Assessment Analyst 4x3

Degree Required:

Degree Required
Degree Not Required

Job Growth:

Job Growth

Median Salary Range:

Median Salary Range

Soft Skills:

Soft Skills
Alternative Problem Solving
Curious & Creative
Attention to Detail
Strong Communication
Interest in Hacking

Common Job Duties:

  • Identify critical flaws in applications and systems that cyber attackers could exploit
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments for networks, applications and operating systems
  • Conduct network security audits and scanning on a predetermined basis
  • Use automated tools (e.g. Nessus) to pinpoint vulnerabilities and reduce time-consuming tasks
  • Use manual testing techniques and methods to gain a better understanding of the environment and reduce false negatives
  • Develop, test and modify custom scripts and applications for vulnerability testing
  • Compile and track vulnerabilities over time for metrics purposes
  • Write and present a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and maintain a database
  • Supply hands-on training for network and systems administrators