2023 CYBER.ORG Educator Award Winners Announced

2023 CYBER.ORG Educator Award Winners Announced


The winners of the 2023 CYBER.ORG Educator Awards will be celebrated at our inaugural EdCon event in Mesa, Arizona June 20-22, 2023. 

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We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2023 CYBER.ORG Educator Awards, who will be celebrated at EdCon 23 in Mesa, Arizona, on June 20-22, 2023. These educators show an undeniable commitment to growing the next-generation cybersecurity workforce and ensuring that every K-12 student is cyber literate. The need for cybersecurity professionals has never been more urgent, as the nation faces a shortage of over 755,000 professionals. Educators play a critical role in empowering their students to learn cybersecurity and prepare them for careers in the field.

This year, we have the privilege of honoring four leading educators for their contributions to cybersecurity education and dedication to the nation’s K-12 students. Each finalist will teach an interactive class at EdCon.

Let’s meet the 2023 Educator Award Winners:


Bobbie Bastian HexBobbie Bastian, Lead CTE Computer Science Teacher

Bobbie Bastian is the lead CTE Computer Science teacher for 9-12th grade at FutureForward at Bollman, part of Adams 12 Five Star Schools in Thornton, Colorado. With 16 years of teaching experience at the elementary and secondary levels, she teaches AP Computer Science A, Cybersecurity Coding II, and Networking.

As part of her cybersecurity curriculum, Bobbie has created and led several programs to introduce her students to cybersecurity. CyberSlam is a district-wide program that connects students with industry professionals and hosted hands-on experience. This past year, Bobbie led CyberSlam’s college and career panel and various workshops, including Enigma Machine with the National Security Agency (NSA), Cyber Defense Clinic: Threat Hunting with Cisco, Cyber Threat Defender with the Adams 12 Five Star School District IT Department, and CES Demonstration Flow with the Sierra Nevada Corporation. Bobbie also created the Station Rotation program, where her high school students teach cybersecurity to elementary students during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. Elementary students learn about cyber literacy, cryptography and play an interactive card game such as Cyber Threat Guardian from the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Center for Infrastructure Assurance & Security.

Bobbie is incredibly proud of her accomplishments as an educator, including helping one of her students become the first-ever Colorado high school student to work in the Reverse Engineering Department at the NSA as part of its work study program.

Join Bobbie for her interactive presentation, “Hosting a Cybersecurity Awareness Event at the K-5 Level” at EdCon 23. Participants will learn about building partnerships between high schools and elementary schools to promote cybersecurity education.


Bryan Hower HexBryan Hower, 9-12th Grade Computer Science and Cybersecurity Teacher

Bryan Hower is a computer science and cybersecurity teacher for 9-12th grade at McCaskey High School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When he joined the teaching staff nine years ago, the School District of Lancaster didn’t have a computer science program. Bryan changed that by developing several computer science courses and creating the school’s first-ever cybersecurity course – his proudest accomplishment to date. He has integrated cybersecurity into the AP Computer Science Principles curriculum and the Intro to Computer Science course to increase interest in the field and give students a foundation for the full-year Cybersecurity class.

Bryan has led a partnership with CompTIA, in which students can pursue cybersecurity certification opportunities free of charge. As a Title 1 school, many students live in poverty, but can graduate with a computer science or cybersecurity certification to help them kickstart their careers and/ or pursue higher education opportunities in the field.

Bryan has advocated for K-12 cybersecurity education in his district and beyond, meeting with former education chair of Pennsylvania State Senate and current Senate Majority Whip Ryan Aument (R-36) to discuss how other states have mandated cybersecurity classes and provide funding for CYBER.ORG Range and other cybersecurity tools.

Join Bryan for his interactive presentation, “The Lorax of Cybersecurity Education” at EdCon 23. Participants will learn about equity in cybersecurity education and how to empower students with access to quality curriculum to prepare them for 21st century careers.


Diana Mackiewicz HexDiana T. Mackiewicz, 8-12th Grade Computer Applications Department Chair & Academic Advisor

Diana Mackiewicz is the computer applications department chair and an academic advisor for Eagle Hill School in Hardwick, Massachusetts. She has spent 23 of her 35 years as a teacher at Eagle Hill School, a private college preparatory boarding and day school for 8-12th grade students diagnosed with a wide range of learning disabilities.

When Diana started her career at Eagle Hill in 2000, cybersecurity wasn’t a recognized field. Instead, internet safety was the focal point of K-12 computer courses and curriculums. After taking Counter Terrorism classes in 2012, Diana became very interested in cybersecurity. Then, after witnessing the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, she designed her own Counter Terrorism course. She pursued advanced studies and earned her master’s degree in international security studies.

Diana is introducing drone security into her curriculum to help students learn about the technology and what information is considered private versus public while using drones. She also plans to introduce her students to cognitive warfare and social engineering.

Join Diana for her interactive presentation, “Public or Private Information” at EdCon 23, where participants will learn about the difference between public and private information, what should and shouldn’t be shared online, and best password practices.


Moriah Walker HexMoriah Walker, 9-12th Grade Cybersecurity Teacher

Moriah Walker is a cybersecurity teacher for 10-12th grade at Lakota East High School and Lakota West High School in Liberty Township, Ohio. Moriah became her district’s Cyber Academy teacher in the fall of 2022, transitioning from her role as an instructional technology integration coach and ELA teacher. Although new to teaching cybersecurity, she uses her background in middle school education and educational technology to engage her students in cybersecurity and in STEM education.

Moriah hopes to continue growing the Cyber Academy program within the state by sharing the content and curriculum with all students, including those from rural areas. Recently, Moriah led the Lakota Cyber Summit hosted by the Lakota Cyber Academy, to increase interest and awareness of cybersecurity, share curriculum and best practices with other educators, and ensure cybersecurity education is taught in other districts. 

Additionally, Moriah is passionate about increasing diversity in cybersecurity, and is engaging more female students in cybersecurity courses. So far, her efforts have doubled the number of female students in cybersecurity classes at Lakota Local Schools.

Join Moriah for her interactive presentation, “Putting It All Together with Real-World Cyber Challenges” at EdCon 23. Participants will learn how to solve real-world cyber challenges with 21st century skills – collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.


Congratulations Bobbie, Bryan, Diana, and Moriah on receiving CYBER.ORG’s 2023 Educator Award!


Thank you to our sponsors, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Palo Alto Networks, Amazon Web Services, CS for Success, Parallax, Inc., and Stanly Community College! Your support is vital to ensuring that all K-12 students have equal access to cybersecurity education and the option to pursue cybersecurity careers.

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