Cyber Takes the Lead in Emerging Jobs

Cyber Takes the Lead in Emerging Jobs


LinkedIn’s annual top jobs list solidifies cyber as a top growing field

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Each year, the job website LinkedIn posts its “Top Ten Emerging Jobs” list. This year’s list brings good news for those who are already in, or considering entering the cyber workforce.

Artificial Intelligence Specialist came in at number one, with a growth rate at 74% annually over the past four years. Artificial Intelligence Specialists can take on a variety of roles, ranging from research scientists to software experts to information security engineers. They typically have a strong background in programming and are fluent in multiple programming languages.

As with most cyber jobs, companies are looking to hire based on skills and experience rather than degree alone. AI specialists may be self-taught, supplementing their knowledge with classes and certificate programs available from local and online programs.

Other tech jobs that came in on the top ten list include robotics engineer, data scientist, full stack engineer, site reliability engineer, data engineer, and cybersecurity specialist. Many of these careers have earning six-figure earning potential, with entry level pay that is high above the average in other industries.

All of these professions use skills that begin to grow in the K-12 years during a students’ life. Problem-solving, computational thinking, learning languages like Python and Java set students up for success in the cyber job market.

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