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Cybersecurity for All


Empowering Tomorrow’s Cyber Leaders with the CYBER.ORG Range

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As we wrap up National Cybersecurity Education Month, we’re proud to spotlight the CYBER.ORG Range, a no-cost, secure environment for K-12 students to hone their cybersecurity skills. Launched in November 2022 with support from the state of Louisiana and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), this partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to providing accessible cybersecurity education across the U.S.

The Range is designed to provide students with hands-on cybersecurity training using real-world tools to learn how to defend against prevalent cyber threats. Through engaging in activities that simulate common cyberattacks and defenses, students gain confidence and invaluable experience in navigating the complexities of the cybersecurity landscape.

Although primarily geared toward high school students, the Range stands out as the only no-cost option available to schools nationwide. This inclusivity ensures that socioeconomic barriers do not hinder students’ access to cybersecurity education. By eliminating barriers, the Range opens doors for students from diverse backgrounds and locations, including those in “cybersecurity deserts,” to cultivate essential cyber literacy skills.

To date, the impact of CYBER.ORG's Range has reached:

  • 800,000 virtual machines launched (with 400,000 being accessed)
  • All 50 states
  • Over 1,900 schools

Over 2,200 Educators across the nation are harnessing the power of the Range and quickly realizing the value in their classrooms. 

  • “Easy, bite-sized practical step by step guides for teachers to use, and learn the basics. These help when teaching students because it logically divides the curriculum without overwhelming new to inexperienced teachers who want to teach aspiring students.”
  • “It gives the students a hands on look at the tools they could potentially use in a cyber career. It helps to solidify their knowledge about the concepts and theories that we are discussing in the course.”
  • “I LOVE being able to see all students’ ranges from my computer. It allowed me to show their screen to the entire class really easily.”
  • “It is amazing to have a virtual machine environment where we can set up Linux and Windows machines to simulate cyber attacks and victims. My students could not otherwise get this experience. It makes the learning hands on, rather than just looking at PowerPoint lectures.”
  • “The CYBER.ORG Range is hands down the tool that will expand equity in cybersecurity education.”

The Range’s momentum reflects a growing recognition of the importance of cybersecurity literacy and the need for accessible, hands-on learning experiences. Through initiatives like this, we can further empower the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

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