Cyber Education Discovery Forum

Cyber Education Discovery Forum

June 21 — 23
Virtual Event

The Cyber Education Discovery Forum will be held virtually from June 21-23.

Virtual CEDF 2021

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June 21 — 23, 9:00am - 4:00pm


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A three-day virtual professional development event designed to help you reset, regroup, and refresh with new cybersecurity content and strategies as you head into the 2022 school year!


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About the CEDF

Attendees will spend their mornings in hands-on workshops led by CYBER.ORG Curricula Development Specialists. After lunch, attendees can choose from various breakout sessions, networking activities, and visit the virtual exhibit hall. 

  • Interactive workshops during the mornings
  • Workshop supplies and conference swag bags will be shipped to you ahead of the event
  • Breakout sessions that explore new perspectives and resources you can immediately use
  • Networking sessions with guided topics to connect you with other attendees
  • Keynotes from education leaders
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Morning Workshops

Workshops will be held 9AM-12PM each morning of the CEDF, followed by afternoons of breakout and networking sessions. You'll return to your selected workshop for each day of the CEDF.


Cybersecurity Awareness for Elementary

This entry-level workshop is ideal for elementary educators looking to infuse basic cybersecurity concepts like digital citizenship  and block-based coding into core subjects.

  • Topics: Block-based coding, digital citizenship, media literacy, encryption, computational thinking
  • Supplies: micro:bits will be shipped to attendees prior to the workshop


Cybersecurity Awareness for Middle School

This session is designed for middle school educators looking to build cybersecurity awareness into new or existing project-based STEM content while supporting core subject standards.

  • Topics: Block-based coding, digital citizenship, media literacy, encryption
  • Supplies: micro:bits will be shipped to attendees prior to the workshop


Cyber Society for Middle and High School

This humanities- based workshop is ideal for upper middle school and high school educators looking to focus on the societal implications of living in a connected world. 

  • Topics: Ethics and social issues, media literacy, cyber-based scenarios
  • Supplies: No supplies are required 


Cyber Literacy for Middle and High School

This workshop is ideal for upper middle school and high school educators as an introduction to programming, robotics, and societal implications of cybersecurity.

  • Topics: Robotics, electricity and circuits, societal implications of cyber technologies 
  • Supplies: Parallax cyber:bots will be shipped to attendees prior to the workshop 


Cybersecurity Credentials for High School

This workshop is ideal for high school educators as they prepare students to take technical cybersecurity certification exams like CompTIA Security+ and A+. 

  • Topics: Linux, networking, risk assessment
  • Supplies: Access to the US Cyber Range will be granted prior to the workshop 

Afternoon Breakouts, Networking, and Keynotes

Following the morning workshops, attendees will be able to choose from a variety of breakout sessions, birds of a feather networking sessions, and keynotes. Stay tuned as we fill out the afternoon lineup! Sessions include:

  • Camps, Clubs, and Competitions: Leveraging Extracurriculars for Student Success
  • Preparing Students for Entry-level Cybersecurity Jobs
  • Closing the Gender and Racial Gap in IT
  • Cybersecurity Academy with Palo Alto Networks
  • Teaching Digital Citizenship with Common Sense Media
  • Classroom Encryption Projects
  • Cybersecurity Learning Standards
  • Culturally Responsive Computing
  • Cyber Safety Video Series
  • Classroom Perspectives - Tales from the Trenches
  • Make Sparks Fly with Circuits
  • and more!