Top 5 Things You’ll Take Away from Cybersecurity Awareness for Elementary Workshop at CEDF 2021

Top 5 Things You’ll Take Away from Cybersecurity Awareness for Elementary Workshop at CEDF 2021


In case you didn't have enough reasons already, we're running down 5 reasons you should sign up for the elementary workshop track at this summer's Cyber Education Discovery Forum

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Cybersecurity is not just for adults and older children. If a child is old enough to play a game on a tablet or device, then we as educators need to understand how to give these children the necessary tools to stay safe and make smart decisions while using technology. How do you begin to introduce these topics to elementary-aged students? If you're asking that question, than we have the workshop for you.


Top 5 Things You’ll Take Away from Cyber Education Discovery Forum's Cybersecurity Awareness for Elementary Workshop

1. A bank of cybersecurity activities and topics to discuss with your students

We'll explore cybersecurity topics like encryption, the Internet of Things (IoT), apps, programming, cyberbullying, passwords, safely using wifi, and identifying unsafe content. We'll talk about best practices in approaching these topics with students as well as the hands-on activities that help reinforce them.

2. Clearer understanding of what cybersecurity means in elementary

While elementary students may not be ready to tackle advanced technical cybersecurity, infusing awareness into their existing lessons is a critical first step in a student's cybersecurity education. Learning about the need to be safe and protect digital information is foundational to later learning the technical aspects of how to protect it.

3. New friends

While we won't be together in person, we'll be together virtually! You'll meet new colleagues from across the country and work with them in your workshops. During the afternoon Birds of a Feather sessions, you'll have dedicated time to network with educators experiencing similar challenges, successes, and interests. Teachers who CEDF together stay together.

4. New perspectives

We've invited cyber education leaders from across the country to present 15+ different breakout sessions in the afternoons to provide different viewpoints on cyber education ranging from diversity, extracurriculars, free resources, and career awareness. All sessions will be recorded and available for viewing to attendees after the conference.

5. A micro:bit go bundle

All attendees will receive a box of goodies prior to the event! All your workshop supplies will be included. Those in the elementary track will receive a micro:bit go bundle use during the workshop as your session instructors lead you through hands-on activities.

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